Fell Center


A small and cozy place to spend your free time in Palojärvi, Enontekiö, located in northernmost Lapland. Welcome to experience and enjoy your visit!

Enjoy your stay in the Fell Center Galdotieva, located in the middle of beautiful wilderness

Opening hours

Open daily 10-20.

Kitchen open 12-19.


Galdotieva maisema


The location between two wildernesses offers a wonderful setting especially for nature activities, e.g. great hiking, fishing and mountain biking opportunities, as well as for kayaking and snowmobiling.


Cabins for 1-4 people.
Log cabins for 4-8 people.

Galdotieva päärakennus

Café-restaurant, mini-market and gas station

This is the last service station on the way to Norway. It's worth refueling the car or motorbike. Be sure to stop by at our café-restaurant to eat and visit our mini-market to make sure you are ready to continue your most memorable travel experience.

About Us

Our story

Aajatieva Oy is a family business founded in the spring of 2023, which continues the operation of the famous Fell Center Galdotieva in a way it deserves. Fell Center Galdotieva is a small, cozy and comfortable place to spend your free time in northernmost Lapland, offering its guests the opportunity to experience and enjoy Lapland's nature in their own way.


Fell Center Galdotieva is located above the coniferous forest, right on the shore of Lake Palojärvi. Palojärvi village is an old Sámi village where traditional reindeer husbandry is practiced even today. In summer, you can hike in the treeless fell, paddle, fish and bike. Hiking in the fall guarantees a true fall color brilliance. In winter, it is possible to go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, admire the northern lights, and enjoy the silence of the kaamos in the glow of a campfire.

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Plan an unforgettable experience at Fell Center Galdotieva today!

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