Fell Center Galdotieva is located next to Palojärvi lake in Enontekiö, Northern Lapland. It is about 20 minutes by car from Hetta.

Galdotieva päärakennus


Shop and café open at 10-20. Accommodation reception.

Restaurant open at 12-19.

Address: Ruijantie 2605, 99440 Leppäjärvi



In July, we will open Restaurant Raja where we offer breakfast upon pre-order. We will publish more information closer to July.

Address: Ruijantie 2591, 99440 Leppäjärvi

By car, bike, motorbike, snowmobile, etc.

You will get here directly.

Shop, café and gas station address: Ruijantie 2605, 99440 Leppäjärvi.
The accommodation reception address: Ruijantie 2591, 99440 Leppäjärvi.

Free parking in the area.

By train

The nearest train stations can be found from Kolari (180 km) and Rovaniemi (330 km).

VR (National Railway operator in Finland) sells car-train packages that allow you to continue the journey from the train with your own car. If you arrive without a car, it is possible to continue your journey from the train station by bus or taxi.

By airplane

The nearest airports are Enontekiö (35 km), Kittilä (160 km) and Rovaniemi (330 km).

Enontekiö has its own airport, where only charter flights fly at the moment. It is also possible to fly there with a private plane.

By bus

The bus takes you to Hetta, Enontekiö.

It is possible to take a taxi from Hetta to Galdotieva.

By taxi

Local taxi, Lähitaksi Palojärvi, transports directly to Galdotieva and from Galdotieva to further connections.

The taxi can be reached either on +358 40 0398 675 or +358 40 013 8338.

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